I have managed to get the basics up and running on the website. It's not as glamorous as I would like to see it, but it provides the essential basics. I am sure there will be many additions, and changes in the next few weeks so keep checking back. I know some of the information is redundant from page to page, but I have not found a way remove it from every page, and I am beginning to think there is none. I will be contacting host baby shortly with a list of questions, and hopefully get some answers. Make sure to bookmark the site and return often. If you have a review, or a testimony, you would like to have added, or just a comment, go to the contact page and let us know. It's very important to the success of any Independent Artist that his fan base support him, and help to get his music , and his name out to the public at large. Whether you support him by buying his music, his merchandise, maybe joining the Fan Club, or just posting his website for others to visit with your recommendation on your face book wall, or website, every little thing matters a lot. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated .

On my music Face book page you can follow along with the process of going about promoting my music, as well as new offerings of it. The completion of this website was step #1, because every artist need a home base, a sort of focal point, to communicate from. From here, I will start to deliver information, and music, to Fans, Distributors, Station Managers, and DJ's world wide as well. If your a Radio Station manager, or a DJ, and would like to be included in the list we send new releases out to, via the MP3 format, please drop us your email addy, and your request to be added, in the contact section of this website. if your an Editor of a music magazine, ezine, or other media, and would like to arrange for an interview, please use the contact page to notify us of your intentions, and we will contact you to make the arrangements. Thanks again, everyone, for all your help. Lets make some Magic together!