Hi Everybody!

Well it took some doing, but I will be adding my first CD, "Thanks For The Memories", very shortly to this site. Two things you should do ad an Indie artist, which will save you time, and money, somewhere down the road if you ever decide to relist your music with another distributor. Make sure you save the UPC, or barcode numbers, and the ISRC number assigned to each song, someplace where they will be easy to obtain, years down the road. One other thing you might want to make sure of is you have dropped a distributor, check with various platforms to make sure your music has been removed by that company. Almost 7 years later I found the company who I failed to renew my contract with, was still offering my music for sale, and collecting funds when they sold it, that were not getting transferred to me. To make a long story short, the CD has been removed form their list, the money they collected is suppose to be on the way to me, and I can now offer it through CD baby, and all the platforms they offer distribution at.

Shortly I will finish the paper work for my new singles, register them with the proper PRO's, and start listing them on CD Baby as well. My plan is to test market them on the CD Baby website, and if they do well I will pay the funds required to distribute them on other platforms, as well as consider eventually releasing a new CD. That's all going to be considered based upon you the fan's. Your feedback, and how many of you think the songs are worth purchasing, will dictate where we go in the future. If you really appreciate the Artist, and want to keep hearing their music, you have to be willing to support them buy buying their music, and their merchandise. Talk at you soon.