Thanks for the Memories

by Billy Darnell

Released 1995
Released 1995
This is the very first CD I put out back in 1995. It contained all original songs. Songs basically about life in general. It isn't super twangy, there are no steel guitars, or fiddles, but I assure you, it is as country as country can be. Great love songs
I am a country singer/songwriter, who prefers to write a more traditional style of country. I tend to write songs about my life experiences, and the life experiences of others. I don't consider myself a "Professional" song writer because I don't have a hundred songs bouncing around in my head everyday. I tend to write when I am inspired by something to do so. As a writer I tend to stay away from the negativity people tend to disdain about country music. No matter what the subject, I try and find the positive side to it. Pretty much the same way I live my life. I'm a traditional kind of guy, who writes a traditional style of music, and sings a traditional style of music. Around Nashville, TN., I am one of those guys they will tell you is "Too country". A title I accept, and wear proudly. Around Nashville, I have been referred to as, "The voice of traditional country music", because of my vast knowledge of songs from the past, and my ability to deliver them much in the same way as the original performers. If you're looking for music that makes you think, makes you tap your foot, and makes you smile every once in a while, I'm your guy.

To all those who buy my music, I say "Thank You" for your support, without it, all this would never be possible. There is no greater sign of love a singer can show, than to share his inner most feelings through the gift of his music, and no greater sign of love, and appreciation, a Fan can show than by buying his Cd's, and giving him the ability to keep producing, and sharing his gift.